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Ever wondered where your friends are? Pondered whether they took the path that seemed their destiny back at Breeks? Here is an opportunity to connect with long lost friends. Drop us a note at, and tell us what you have been up to.


Sam Berthoud (Arthur) from Vancouver 53 – 58 – I was in Ooty and went to Breeks between 1953 and 1958. I was born in 1947.  I, unfortunately, don’t remember much or many of my classmates’ names, as I left when I was still young.  When searching for Carlton Copley, my neighbor in Ooty, (we lived in the same house), I came across Breeks Chatter and the names came back to memory (Willy, Atkins etc.,) I returned to Lushington in 1972 while doing an overland trip (Switzerland – Africa – Kenya – India and back through Afghanistan).  I returned again and met Mr. Peters in the late 1990’s in the now Hebron School (previously Lushington). I am Swiss, I have lived a little everywhere (Africa, Europe and now Canada) and did a stint of 4 years in New Delhi between 2000-2004, managing an IT Company and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would love to reconnect with some folks from Ooty and in particular Carlton Copley.  Thank you for setting up Breeks Chatter, excellent idea. (If anyone knows where Carlton Copley is. Please reach out to, and we’ll pass the information on to Sam- Ed.)


Madhav Chandran Menon (66)-  Whenever I run into someone from the old days the first question that always comes up is, “Where are you now?” Sounds simple doesn’t it? But when you have lived most of your life out of a suitcase, the answer can be quite difficult…

After leaving Ooty in 1972, I made my way to Bombay (Mumbai) where I worked as a salesman for anything from detergents (one day) , soft drinks ( one month) , actuators, elevators and conveyors ( six months),before getting a break in Bayer as a Sales Trainee in the Chemicals Division. The resultant travelling of a marketing job took me to all four corners of the country for the next  seventeen years. In 1990, I quit Bayer and joined the AVB group to market carbon-black . One of the major draws of this job, was the posting to Bangalore. Bangalore was still an air-conditioned city in those days, so we scraped together our savings, took a hefty bank loan and bought a place. The plan was to settle down forever and the days, but little did I know that this was only the beginning of my travels.

After a year in Bangalore, I was shifted to Johor Bahru in Malaysia in 1991 to market Oleochemicals for the Asia Pacific region and Africa initially and subsequently globally. My job took me all over the world and I spent most of my time living out of a suitcase. I woke up in different hotels eating food whose origins were best kept unknown; but having no qualms about food, I was exposed to some of the most delicious food each country could offer. Malaysia was a surprise to us as it combined the best of Asian culture with Western conveniences. The lush greenery, the warmth of the people and the high rate of development really took our breath away. As Malaysia had fantastic infrastructure even in those days, weekends were spent driving into the countryside, with the wife and kids (who were quite young, yes wife included) with no specific destination. As we could cover about a hundred kilometers in an hour, we would set out in the morning and be back for dinner, having traversed a few hundred kilometers in a day and seeing places that were straight out of travel magazines.

In 2007, the AVB group sold their interests in Malaysia to a local group. I was shifted to the North of Malaysia to live on the beautiful island of Penang, which travel brochures describe as the Pearl of the Orient. The food here was a gastronomical delight and we spent many days experimenting with different cuisines available on the island. (I seem to be talking a lot about food, but this is a Malaysian habit that I have picked up lah).

In 2009, I decided to call it a day and return home to Bangalore. As we had been coming back to India only for holiday, the enormity of living here struck us after only a few weeks.Bangalore, was no longer an air-conditioned city and the hustle and bustle of daily living was a challenge in itself for the next four months.

One day, out of the blue, I got a call from the largest plantation group in Indonesia asking if I would join them to look after their downstream expansion in Oleochemicals. So it was pack up once again and off to the third largest city in Indonesia, Medan, located in North Sumatra. Indonesia was a far cry from Malaysia in terms of development, but the warmth and smiles of the people, more than made up for that. Besides work, which keeps me busy, we have a nice group of friends of various nationalities, with whom we make it a point to have dinner every Saturday night at a different restaurant. We were told that this practice had started 40 years ago and continues to this day, with new people coming in place of those who have shifted away.

When I finally call it a day, we will retire to Johor Bahru in Malaysia, where we have a home and come to Bangalore for short holidays, where I hope to meet up with all the Breeksonians and recreate a mini re-union once again.

Francis Pinto “Punchy” (67). Theobald House. I started out at Nazareth Convent for 5 years after which boys had to leave. The older girls doted on us. I then moved to Breeks for the rest of my schooling. Mr Brooks, “Mon, When I was in Burma Mon” was my first class master. My contemporaries were Mark Hawkes, Ken Gonsalves, Shaila Newton, Joseph Joachim, Gwen Mascurine, Vasantha Pathy, Ravi Nair, Jaggy Jagdish , Pilloo Kotwal, Albert Devakaram, Damodaran Sridharan, Jayaraj (Booty) among a total of 21 students. School life was good except for getting caned by Foxy once along with Mark Hawkes for playing in the Assembly Hall. Mark probably still has 3 stripes on his behind! From Breeks, I enrolled at Loyola College Chennai for my PUC and then went to Madras Christian College and completed my B.Com. Breeksonics there were Albert Devakaram, Ramjee, Jayaraj (Kingstar) and Bellan. In 1974, I left for Wisconsin USA and finished my Masters in Accounting. In 1982 I passed the board requirements to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (Chartered Accountant in India). In 1976 I was hired by General Motors Corporation and worked at various locations in Finance until 2007 when I took an early retirement. I currently live in the metro Detroit area about 40 miles north of downtown. I married Donna Drury in 1985. She passed away in 2002. Two children live in Montana. ADREM.

Phiroze (Pilloo) Kotwal (67)- Pilloo sent us an update from his voyages on the high seas. Sea voyages can be calm seas, blue skies and stars above. You can see the whole constellation moving with shooting stars to make you wish over and over again. Life seems so carefree and you wonder at the beauty and serenity of Nature.

Pic Above  - Statue & Self, Bay View City View & My Ship - MPSSV Manisha

On the other hand when the sea is angry, the water turns black, with dark clouds above, winds screaming and torrents of rain lashing all around. The ship rolls and pitches, one has no control over the elements except to respect it at all times. Sleep is at a premium, meals are shot to Hell, but we work on silently,and every moment is fraught with danger. One prays like never before for the calm to return.

Shippie! A very common term used to describe a Seafarer- usually thought of as a rowdy, raucous, drunken, fighting, womanizing sailor. Those may have been the days from “Pirates Of The Caribbean”. Friends please do remember we are also sons, fathers and husbands, who like everybody else yearn to be back home safe and sound with their loved ones and friends. We are a very tough breed and do a very demanding and challenging job. I am very proud to be one. In spite of this, all due credit must go to our wives who bear the brunt and keep the home fires and relationship going. Bless them all.

Am currently in Vietnam working on my ship on  an offshore project. Our base is a port called Vung Tau. Very, very scenic and friendly people. Sight-seeing delight. Attaching a few pics. for your viewing. Hope you will enjoy them. A prominent landmark is a huge statue of Jesus Christ, on Mount Tao Phung, 32 metres  high, with two arms stretching as far as 18.4 metres - 133 steps and can accommodate 1000 people, considered the tallest statue of Jesus in the world. Very similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, which stands at 26 metres height and arms stretched at 16 metres. Consider myself to be very lucky to be here. Would love to share this with all of you. With special wishes to everyone and especially  to the Chatterbox team who is keeping the spirit of Breeks alive.


Radhika Balakrishnan (74)- Was in Breeks until 1970 when she left for the US- she would have been part of the 1974 batch. She is a professor of Economics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Her official bio is reproduced below:

Radhika Balakrishnan, Executive Director of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, and Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, has a Ph.D. in Economics from Rutgers University. Previously, she was Professor of Economics and International Studies at Marymount Manhattan College. She has worked at the Ford Foundation as a program officer in the Asia Regional Program. She is currently the Chair of the Board of the US Human Rights Network and on the Board of the Center for Constitutional Rights and the International Association for Feminist Economics. She is the co-editor with Diane Elson of Economic Policy and Human Rights: Holding Governments to Account (Zed Books, 2011). She is the author of Why MES with Human Rights: Integrating Macro Economic Strategies with Human Rights (Marymount Manhattan College, 2005). She edited The Hidden Assembly Line: Gender Dynamics of Subcontracted Work in a Global Economy (Kumarian Press, 2001), co-edited Good Sex: Feminist Perspectives from the World’s Religions, with Patricia Jung and Mary Hunt (Rutgers University Press, 2000), and also authored numerous articles that have appeared in books and journals. Professor Balakrishnan’s work focuses on gender and development, gender and the global economy, human rights and economic and social rights. Her research and advocacy work has sought to change the lens through which macroeconomic policy is interpreted and critiqued by applying international human rights norms to assess macroeconomic policy.


Bimal Zaveri – I went to BMS.  My classmates were Jhonny, Zafar Sait, Mala, Nikki, Moorthy. My favorite subject was  Advanced English and  Biology.  My favorite teacher was Mr. Xavier. The best moment I recall in school is having won the Interschool Table Tennis for school and getting first prize for school ever.  I went to Government Arts College in Ooty (Major – Zoology).  I am a jeweler by profession.  I have a showroom in Ooty and my main office is in Bombay. I deal in Oil & Oil Products.  I have an office in Dubai in Ras Al Khaimah.  I also am also dealing in Indian Islamic Art and work with International Museums.  I missed the school get together last year.  The alumni is growing and it is really doing well and a lot of alumni are putting in lot of efforts.

Dr. Prem Anand (82) – I completed 10th in 1982.  My classmates were Sandhya, Hemalatha, NC Anand, I have completed PhD in Marketing with specialization in brand management. I am currently working as a teacher at King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I will be going back home for good during June 2012.  I teach Marketing, specialization in brand management.  I live here with a North Indian friend , so missing home food a lot.  I was in Dubai last summer on the way home, stayed with another friend from Breeks- Hema Prabhu. My wife is Kokila from Koderi, I have 2 children- son Surya Prakash in +1 and daughter Nivedhana in 4th Standard.

Roshan j Kunder (83) - I was in Breeks from Nursery(1972-73) till 10th Standard(1982-1983).  My initial few years were at Breeks Memorial (Nursery and 1st standard) and then I moved into Breeks Higher Secondary in 2nd standard. Had a break from Breeks for around seven months, when I was in 4th standard, during which time I studied in Nehru Vidyalaya and PSG School at Coimbatore. Some of my classmates from Breeks Higher Secondary School in the year 1983 were:

Sri Krishna – currently in Mumbai, Menon Haridas – currently in Ernakulam, Nanjan Saravanan – currently in Mysore, Ashok Babu – currently in Pune, George Philip – currently in Chennai, Nanjan Balu, Vinod Ramaswamy – currently in Singapore, Sudhakaran – currently in Chennai, R Shivakumar – currently in Nilgiris, Abdul Raziq – currently in the Middle East, Latha Balakrishnan – currently in Vadagara, Kalpana Madhukar – currently in Bangalore, Balagopal Menon – currently in Congo, B L Ravindran – currently in Bangalore, J Madhusudhanan Menon – currently in Chennai, Gautam – in Ooty.

The others I knew, but not in touch with are: Azeemullah – no contact, but saw him once in ooty, J Sivakumar – currently in Ooty Sathish – currently in Nilgiris, M Gayathri – (last met her at Bhopal. Her sisters –Jayashree &Nalni), Nithyananda – (was from HPF), G Sunil – (Maneck Tourist Home – Ooty), Anita – (Was married to the owner of Blue Mountain Restaruant), Ramanarayanan , S Madhu, Jennifer Hussey, (Daughter of Mrs.Hussey), Sukhmani Kaur, (Father was the NCC Commanding Officer), Prakash  (Father was the Divisional Engineer of TNEB), R Indumathi – (Father used to work in the NCC Office at Ooty), Shoba Chugani – (Uttams), Vashishta – (was from Andhra), Nirmala – (Father was a professor in the Govt Arts College), Surendran, N Ramesh – (Also referred to as Hatari), C Manjunath – (Cousin of Sathish – used to live near YWCA Eastbourne), Thara – (Related to Kalpana Madhukar), Chitra – (Badaga girl and a good dancer), Kannan – (used to live on Hospital road, known for his thick spectacle lens), Praveez Sait, K Ramesh – (Brother of K Sunil of 1981 batch. Somewhere in Kerala), Sivananda , R Kalpana – (Father – Mr.Raghavan, who was one of the office staff)

Friends from school that are no longer with us: Jaganathan, M Vidya, P Vinod Kumar – a casualty in the Twin Tower (9/11) & N Sundaram – (was a good footballer) (Rest in Peace- Ed.)

I have been able to link up with a lot of juniors and seniors through Facebook.  In addition to this I have also been able to get to know a lot of others from Breeks Memorial School. Given below are some of the teachers who were responsible in shaping us to what I am today. I don’t recollect the names of all the teachers who played a very important role in giving us our basics when I was in the junior section at Willingdon House.  I do remember a few names like Mrs. Hussey, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Hazel. Mrs. Naik, Mrs. Beulah Richards.  The following teachers taught me in the Senior section.

Ms.Sreedevi Naidu (Headmistress,Geography and History), Mr. Vijaykumar (History and Civics), Mrs. Saraswathi Dhanraj (Chemistry), Mrs.  Averil Ghulam (Biology), Mr. Wilson(Physics), Mrs. Rajalakshmi (Maths), Mrs. Elsie David(English), Mr. L. Rajamanian(History), Mr. Lakshmanan(Tamil), Mr.S hanmugham(Hindi), Mr. Benjamin(PT and Work Experience), Mrs. Kanchana(Tamil).

Thaher Sait (83) – My name is I. Thaher Sait. I joined Breeks Memorial School in the year 1970.  The Principal when I joined school was Dr.  Samuel Raj. I started with LKG where Mrs. Bunshaw was my class teacher. I was a very shy frightened child who had not even gone to the neighbors’ house to play, and I was sent to school when I was only 3 years old. I went crying all the way holding my Dad’s hand who consoled me with a chocolate. Finally, when he entered the class I held his coat pocket tight and it tore. That was my first day at school and the beginning of a search for knowledge. Today, with the guidance of all the teachers and parents, I am happy I am enriched with what I yearned for- knowledge and success. I was very frightened of Maths since I found it very difficult. I studied 12 years from 1970 to 1983 up to the 10th standard.  My friends were Krishna Pradeep, Sunderaj, Gunashekaran, Surendran, H. Suresh and in the higher classes Suresh Murjani. I loved to play Table tennis and football.  I was in the Theobald House and have played a few matches. I came across my classmate Indushree after 26 years in 2010 through Facebook which was after we left school in 1983. Though she couldn’t make it for the Alumni, Facebook had brought us together. We chat over frequently enquiring each other family’s welfare. I was also in NCC and attended camps. I was very fond of Defense academy.  Still remember Mrs. Stella Samson teaching us Maths in the year 1974 and being punished for not doing homework. There was an untoward incident when I was in the 3rd std when two of my class mates were found copying and I think the teacher made them stand in front of the class with their pants down.  Both my brothers Fazal Mohammed Said and Junaid Mohammed Sait studied in the same school and astonishingly my wife Faehana and my brother in law Faizal Sait too studied in the same school. I remember taking my wife to school in her primary classes and she was my neighbor.  All of my cousins and almost all our community children studied in Breeks. My cousins were Faizal, Yackub Ibrahim. Nadeem who was a year elder to me also studied in Breeks. I still preserve the first school bag (Aluminium Box) used by me when I went to 1st Standard in 1971.  I came across one of my seniors named Veena Jagdish from Coimbatore. On seeing her in the Alumni pictures I recalled my primary school days. It was my birthday and I had new clothes on and had sweets. Veena and her friends wished me Happy Birthday, I replied, “Thank you and wish u the same”, and ran off thinking they wanted my sweets!. I recalled this and told her a few months ago.  She was astonished at my memory. By Gods grace I can name every one of my class mates in the snaps which are in the profile.

Ranjani Murali  – BHS (74 to 84).  I cannot remember all of my classmates’ names but remember a few of them- Jyothi, Leelavathi, Shanthini, Kalpana, Nisha, Vidya, Murali, Bharathan, Shanmugam, Ravi Venugopal. My favorite subjects were Tamil and Geography. My favorite teachers were Mr. Manian, and Ms. Naidu.  Best Incident I remember from school is when I was in class ten when we were taken for a trip to the Mudumalai forest.  The worst incident I remember from school was when I had to send my sister out of the March Past team because she was not marching properly.  I did my graduation from Emerald Heights College for Women from Ooty and from there to PSG College of Technology.  My Major was Commerce. My sister Radhika and my cousin Shashikala went to BHS.  Currently I am a home maker.

About the Alumni – I am looking at the posts now, I meet up with a few of the Alumni occasionally and have made loads of new friends on the Alumni.  I wish the Alumni unity and strength in the coming years.

Raguram  (Sweetie) (86).  Went to Breeks Memorial School 1984 – 1986 – My classmates were – R.Ravishankar, G.Ravishankar, Uma, Subha, B.Prakash, Suraj, Roj Varkey, Somaiyya, Vasanth, Ashgar, Neelakandan, Saleem Basha, Praveen, Harsh, N.Anand, Revathi, Nirmala, Anees Fatima, Jennifer, Padma, N.K.Ramesh, Neelakandan, D.Karthikeyan, Murugan… to name a few.  Mathematics was my favorite subject in school.  My favorite teachers were Mr. Xavier and Ms. Sreedevi (she was my chemistry teacher – she was in school only for a short while).  My best moments in school – too many to recall… every moment was enjoyable.  I went to P.S.G College of Arts & Science – major B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics. Currently I am an Administrative Manager in a software concern.  It is a great feeling to be a part of a wonderful school and this alumni.  The Alumni has got me a lot of new friends from all classes.  I like listening to the Great Breeks Juke Box and chatting which makes my work enjoyable day or night having known friends to talk to all along, wishing the alumni All the Best !!!!!.

Suganthi Jayaraj (86)

“Oh! Dear school, twenty five years have gone,/ I simply mourn to think the day I walked out of school,/ My mind turns back as my heart melts as snow,/ I cheerfully recall how in a crowded hall, I used to perform on stage,/ I remember the sports day, in which I turned out to be the best athlete,/ As a green house captain, I used to stand proud amongst my friends,/ Ah! my dear school, you opened my heart to everything that was nice,/ Today, I stand as a wonderful home-maker without any regrets./ Time has ticked by running too fast./And when I think of my past years in school,/ I only wish to sing a song of THANKS to my school./ SUGANTHI JAYARAJ/ Batch 85-86/ Contacts 9442720085/”

Edwin David(86) – I joined Breeks from Stanes (Coonoor) in 1985. 11th and 12th (’85-’86) in Breeks Memorial and then went on to Madras Christian College, Chennai. We were a great batch at Breeks. My classmates were Rajendran, Sri Prakash, Ganapathy, BL Rajendran, Hari, Adrienne Hussey, Anandhi Joghee, Hemalatha, Sabitha, Regina, Juliana, Sharmila, Yograj, Thangavel, Geetha and the rest.

I always liked Indian history. My favorite teacher at Breeks is a tough question (nearly everyone was a favorite, but I thought (late) Mr. Xavier, our English teacher was a wonderful person (maybe it is also because he occasionally brought us marzipans from his bakery in Coonoor). As for the best moment in school, I think it was the first class result in 12th Board exams – rather unexpected, considering the mischief we were up to. In Madras Christian College, I studied Economics. Began a career in Sales & Marketing in Chennai. Worked in various corporates including Mercuri Goldman, Indian Express, M&M and the Raheja Corporation. Now, a Sales Consultant to the small medium business sector since 2002. Have worked closely with nearly 3000 salespeople in various locations across India ( I also publish a local newsmagazine (something that I started, rather on impulse, in 2006) ( meant as a platform for history, tradition & culture of the Nilgiris (great publication- Ed.). Breeks Alumni has the potential to spearhead change among the young folk in the Nilgiris today. Collective effort will work the change.

Sunil Dutt (88)- I was a student of Breeks Memorial till 10th std (1988). After that I did my Post Graduation in M.SW and MBA in Coimbatore and now work as General Manager in one of the Largest Garment Export Company In Indonesia (Jakarta)- USD 280 Million Dollar company.. I live in Jakarta with wife and 2 kids (daughter and son). This year I had taken my wife and children to Ooty and took them to Breeks..” It was a Great Feeling”.

Shanthi Elizabeth Philoman(née Peter)  - 89 – My school life commenced at Breeks Higher Secondary and terminated at Breeks Memorial! But unlike the many Breeksonians who proudly went to Breeks all fourteen years, I went to Breeks for five years. I left Breeks after second standard to join my younger sister at Nazareth Convent. I came back to Breeks to complete my plus two. I graduated from Stella Maris College, Chennai, majoring in Physics. I had a five year career as a physical-chemistry teacher before marriage and am a part-time business-woman after marriage. I render my services as translator in French schools and polyclinics for refugees. I work part-time as a language instructor in nursery and elementary schools, teaching English through animation.  Married to a business-man, mothering 3 sons, forming a second career, I live in Paris.

Sumi Thiagaraj Gowder (1989)

“Sumi Thiagaraj Gowder/ Finished my 10th with the 88-89 batch./ Married with 0ne son./ I was not a very famous person while studying so I have nothing much to share about school days. In one sentence, I loved the life in Breeks the most. Well, to be honest I did paintings to kill time but later found that I hadn’t forgotten the rules taught my our art master Mr.Lewsly. I am proud to say remembering those golden rules have won me a LALIT KALAKSHETRA AWARD in the year 2007. It also gave me the confidence to host four shows, three along with my friends and a solo show. My “SAVE THE TIGER” campaign along with NDTV has earned me and our school good recognition. I THANK& SALUTE this great INSTITUTION for molding me as an individual./ Contact 9442674433/  (Some of Sumi’s works are featured in the Musings section. Ed)


Anu (Freida) Kumar (90)- I studied in Breeks All India Secondary School (BHS) during the period 1980-1990 (classes 1 to 10). My class mates include Hamsaveni, Saira Banu, Shirly Biber, Kumari Vidhya, Nisha Raman, Virgin Mary, Neelaveni, G. Kavitha, (Lovedale), V. Kavitha, (hpf), Krishnaveni, R.Sharmila, Anitha, Sanju, Priya Susan, Deepak . T.P, C. Vinith, B.R.Anand, S.R.Anand,PrasadKamath,JeswinderSingh,M.L.Ramesh,Kumaran, K.P.Mahadevan,Mohanram,  Manjunath, G. Ramesh…….well, that’s about all I can actually remember right now….

English was/ is my favourite subject followed by Biology, His & Geo with a liking for Tamil too!  PT was my favourite period with the occasional long walk to the school ground and back being the best moments of those days!  Miss. Naidu, Mrs. Elsie David, Mam among the ladies and Mr. Anandaraj and Mr. Lakshmanan among the gentlemen. Mrs. Shah is a person i have greatly admired.

One of the best moments in school life was the time the Red house walked away with almost all the trophies for sports. One of the worst being the time when a teacher scolded  me in front of seniors for something that I thought I did out of the goodness of my 9 year old heart.  I majored in English Lit., thanks to the strong foundation I got in Breeks, through distance education from Madras University. I am a teacher by vocation (something I never dreamt I’d be!)

The day a friend and senior, K. John Sathya Daniel added me to the Breeks Alumni is one of the memorable moments of last year. Though I am yet to get in touch with my own classmates, I had the privilege of meeting online and befriending a few awesome school mates, both juniors and seniors. My brother, Samuel Chandra Kumar is also an ex-sudent of Breeks. I pray that the standard of our school and its faculty always stays above par and wish the alumni would play a major part in bringing name and fame to our Alma Mater.

Hariharan Bhojan (94) – I went to BHS from 1983 up to 1994 and went to BMS for class 11 & 12 from 1994 to 1996.  My classmates were Mugunthan Ganapathi, Rushoth Kumar, Saravanan Raman, Gnanasekhar Krishnan, Thomas Raja, Harisudhan Kuppan, John Finny, Beena Karun, Vidya Nanjundan, Priya Bojan, Fabian Mc Donald, Senthil Kumar Arjunan, Imayavaraban, and Ravindran all of them are on facebook.  My favorite subject was Mathematics but, really scored bad in this subject most of the time.   My favorite teachers were Mr. Wilson and Mr. Anantharaman he used to teach Geography at BHS.  The best moment recalled was at BHS.  Despite being a great school, BHS was not focused much on sports and we were not participating in many of the inter-school competitions, especially cricket. But, during 1993-1994, we realized that we had a good cricket team and we started practicing. The guys made me the captain (not sure I deserved it) and we, as a team, were very passionate about the game. Mr. Anantharaman saw us practicing and started supporting us. He loved the game and he knew a lot about it. He ended up becoming more than a coach for us. Finally, we were in Lawrence School playing against the home team. We were supposed to get our own ball for the match and Mr. Anantharaman brought a ball for us and gave it to me (loved that moment). It was a tight match and finally we managed to win, that was our first ever victory, if I recollect correctly. As the last few overs were being bowled, I could see Mr. Anantharaman go through bit of emotions (all of us did) and finally when we won, I saw a smile on his face as he looked at me and that was priceless! (He was never appointed as a formal coach for our team, whatever he did, he did it in his personal interest & capacity. I’m not sure how many regular teachers would do that). After so many years, I still play cricket, but never had a better moment than that! I went to Adhiyamaan College of Engineering my major was Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  Currently I head Engineering at SMSC (basically into technology, building innovative networked audio systems). My linkedIn profile, is  Breeks Alumni – It’s cool to be connected & get updates through this group. Every post brings a smile on my face and brings back a lot of memories; making me totally nostalgic, every time! I caught up with a lot of my old friends (all the names listed above) and have made a few new friends. I wish that we should all get together often and Party (or just talk)! I miss Ooty, our school and everyone of you!

Chenna Kesaviaya (96) – I went to BMS and completed school in the year 1996.  My classmates were UK, Deepak V, Anand, Vishumac, Vinodhini.  I studied Computer Science in Mega Micro, went to College in Coimbatore.  Currently  I am in Hyderabad  working as a Branch Manager for Kalyan Jewellers.

Mugunthan Ganapathy (96)- I went to BHS upto class 10 and went to BMS for class 11 & 12.  I completed school in 1996. My cousins that went to Breeks were Sanjesh Balaram, Jaya Prakash, Geetu Venugopal, Dinakar Joghee, & Anitha Sekhar.  My classmates were Jamal, Ranjitha, Anand, Hariharan, Neetham, Rathi, Krishna and too any others.  My favorite subject in school was English. My favorite teacher was Alexander Barnabas.  My major in school was Commerce.  Thanks to the formation on the Alumni, I am reconnected with my school mates and have made a lot of new friends with my seniors at school.


M. Sindhu (05) – I studied in Breeks All India Secondary School only for a year for my 10th in the year 2005. As I had shifted from Pune and was seeking for a school with CBSE board, I opted for Breeks as I had heard a lot about the school. I had the best time of my life in Breeks. I found the best of my friends and teachers in Breeks. The school always made me feel at home. After my high school, I joined in Avinashilingam University in Coimbatore and did my graduation in Visual Communication. At present, I am doing my post graduation from Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I am a student of M. A. Public Relations & Event Management. Even now, whenever I go to Ooty, I never fail to visit the school and meet my teachers. I really feel happy and proud to have been getting a chance to study in Breeks. Especially whenever I see the Breeks Alumni page of Facebook, I feel nostalgia. I am obliged to be a part of this newsletter.

Joseph Andersson – I studied in Breeks between 1982-84 Commerce Group. Class teacher was Mr. Alexander Bernabas.  I am based in Sweden since 1987.  Mr. Xavier was our English teacher.  I was in the basketball team.  I was the house captain of Willy House.  I used to play the piano every monday morning.  We won the music competition in the year 1982 and 1983.  In 1984 Breeks beat St.Joseph´s school in 4 x 100 meters Super Senior Relay. It was Sharma, Suri Piljin, Nandish and I. We broke their 13yr old record. Suripilgen was my classmate.  Kumari Pilgin was one year senior to me. Uma Pathy and Mani were also one year senior to me. I live in Gothenburg which is the second biggest city in Sweden. I travel very frequently to India and was there in  February. I did my masters in Business in Sweden and my Diploma in Engineering in automation and Industrial IT.  I have worked as a Product Manager, Consultant for Volvo and Business Developer. I have a company Inswedco AB (Indian Swedish Consultants).  I help Swedish companies to find right partners in India and try to help Swedish companies to get resources from India in the field of IT and Engineering Services.  I own this company and I will be setting up my subsidiary in Bangalore and Chennai. The website of my company is  Last year I represented Pricol (Coimbatore Company) in Sweden as Sales Manager.

Kunamthudiyil Sebastian Deepak (K.S.Deepak) (98)- I went Breeks Memorial School from Class1 to Class 12, finished in 1998, UKG in BAISS.  My favorite teacher is Mr. D’Cruz.  I missed attending the reunion 2011 but enjoyed following the experiences and photographs on the Reunion Group on Facebook.  Did my graduation from Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science – Coimbatore and then went on to complete Sport Business Management at IISWBM, Kolkata.

Regi George (75) – I was in BHS from 75 – 82.  I am into business.  I was in the hostel.  A few of our old hostel and schoolmates were there for the Alumni.


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4 thoughts on “People, Places and Photos

  1. For Sam Berthoud, Carlton Copley is in Pune & married to a Breeks childhood Sweetheart Norma ( Nee Beale) they hav retired & the daughter runs a school in Pune.

  2. My name is Kubedas , I was in Breeks Higher secondary from 1972 ,to 1979, My Head master was Mr. John Mathias. My Class teacher Miss Juliet, Maths- Mr Balakrishnan(Pollachi), Hindi-MR .Shanmugham, Chemistry- Mrs Saraswathy Dhanraj, Biology – Mrs Samuels, Physics- Mr,WILSON,
    I am setteled in Calicut and doing a small Buisiness.

  3. Hi Roshan kunder..

    How is your brother Arun Kunder ..I reckon he was pursuing ayurvedic medicine after +2
    I was his classmate – +1 & +2 , unitl 10th breeks AIHS
    hope you still have the Siamese Cat !!

    rajeev – dubai

  4. I had studied 3rd to 5th standard at Breeks Higher Seconday school during 1984-1987, at that time my class teachers were, Eazle miss, Vedambal miss, Manoharan sir for science, Raghavendran sir for Hindi, vasantha madam for history, vijayakumar sir for music. My classmates were, Saravanan from Green fields, V.Arun, M.Arun, Vikram Hariprasad, selvakumar, manikandan, Bithi, Neelakandan, M.Sathish, K.Sathish , Lokesh from Elkhil, Prakash

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